Long Run Baptist Association Inc
Thursday, May 26, 2016
Louisville, KY

About LRBA


Long Run Baptist Association is a network of over 160 autonomous Baptist churches in four-county area of Bullitt, Jefferson, Oldham, and Spencer that join to do ministries together that they could not do apart.
The Long Run Baptist Association has been serving the Greater Louisville Metro area for over two centuries. The Greater Louisville Metro area, which is the sixteenth largest city in the United States, comprises over 1,000,000 people.    In 1803, the same year that Lewis and Clark began their expedition, twenty-four churches gathered at the Long Run Baptist Church. United in purpose and vision, they joined their resources in an effort to carry out the Great Commission.   Two centuries have passed, yet our focus remains consistent. There are still people who need to know the marvelous grace that God has to offer. There are still those who need guidance to continue in the grace that they have learned. There are still some who need encouragement from and fellowship of other believers.  
The mission of this association of churches is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost world and to impact significantly the lostness in the Louisville Metro area for the glory of God.
In order to reach the lost with the Gospel most effectively, this association of churches will:
1.  Create NEW Cooperative Connections

2.  Plant NEW Churches to Advance the Kingdom
3.  Revitalize Churches with NEW Life
4.  Engage Marginalized People with NEW Hope
5.  Coordinate NEW Mission Activities to Win Souls