The Louisville Regional Baptist Association does not publish a list of churches without pastors
If you are a minister seeking a pastoral position, please download the MINISTER'S INFORMATION FORM below and follow the provided instructions.  LRBA churches seeking a pastor will complete a similar form which provides us with the criteria for the position they are seeking to fill.  Our office tries to forward only those resumes that meet a church's criteria.  


(For ministers seeking full-time, part-time, or bi-vocational positions)


If you are interested in a ministry position in one of the churches of the Louisville Regional Baptist Association, please click the box below to download & print the MINISTER'S INFORMATION FORM. 
Forward the completed form and a copy of your resume to: Louisville Regional Baptist Association - 960 S 3rd, Ste 100, Louisville, KY  40203-2216, Attention:  Christina.
Your information will be reviewed.  If approved, your file will be activated.  Resumes are distributed to our churches upon their request.  Although we cannot guarantee that one of our churches will contact you, we will forward your information to the appropriate people.
Your resume will be held in our files for six (6) months. Please notify us if you would like us to retain it in our files for more than six (6) months or if you are called to a church.


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